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Engines & Power Units

CAT Power Units

Stock # Model Description Sell
G05843 C 13 490 H.P. Power Unit, LGK00632 Arr# 236-4575, 5 hours $39,500
G05184 C-27 1050 HP New Engine, S/N TWM04941 POR
G04089 D353 S/N  46B8330 $16,500
G03895 Cat 379 Cat 379 Engine and Pump Drive POR
G03979 D398 S/N 66B4084, Arr #3n1127 906 Hours since new POR
G03735 D399 Gen Engine, Rebuilt S/N 35B0994, Arr 3N1128 POR
G05600 D399 Cat Power Unit, S/N 35B1101, Arr# 3N1189 18,000 hours (Core) POR
G05603 Cat 3304 Engine Core POR
G05604 3304 Cat Power Unit, S/N 4B27194 POR
G02376 3304 S.P. Engine Core POR
G02382 3304 S.P. Engine Core, No Head POR
G03100 3304 S.P. Engine Core - No Pump $4,000
G05620 3306 S/N 3N82698 POR
GGPD5977 3406B 425 HOm c.w Rad Allison Transmission On Cooper Drawworks POR
G06130A 3406B Cat 3406 B Engine POR
G03366 3406 C Rebuilt Engine and Rad $55,000
G03558 3406 C DITA Rebuilt Engine, New Rad $55,000
GGPSW 5909A 3406 E Engine and Transmission S/N 5EK59461 POR
G06214 Cat 3406 PCTA Rebuilt Surplus S/N 90U10355 $12,500
GG6237A Cat 3412 From Pump Package POR
GGP6111A Cat 3412 C Engine and Transmission from Superior Drawworks, S/N 38S18378, Arr# 4W1757, has 5456 Hours POR
GGP6172A Cat 3412 C Engine and Transmission from Superior Drawworks POR
GGP6141A Cat 3412 C Engine and Transmission, 10,000 Hours, S/N 81Z01208 POR
G03909 3412 DITTA Engine, S/N 81Z15276, 1200 RPM 11200 Hrs. - good runner $25,000
GGP6172 Cat 3412E 4CR01579 Arr #131-5358, 750 HP POR

GM & Cummins Power Units

Stock # Model Serial # Description Sell
G05619 Detroit 4-71 T S/N 04A0289894 POR
G05626 Detroit 4-71 T S/N 04A02839670, Model 7083-7000 POR
G05625 Detroit 4-71 T S/N 04A0290789 POR
G05614 Detroit 6V 71 S/N 6VF206995 POR
G05621 Detroit 6V 71 S/N 6VA137401 POR
G05623 Detroit 8V 71 S/N 8VA149234 POR
G05624 Detroit 8V 71 S/N 8VA449730 POR
G05627 Detroit Diesel 40 Series S/N JXL0466ANA POR
G05622 International 466 S/N WK4333N1175778 POR
GGP5663-B Detroit Diesel 60 Series c/w Transmission, S/N 6R0341441 60 Series Detroit POR
GGPQ5823A 60 Series Detroit c/w Transmission 6061 POR