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Transmissions, Torques & Pump Drives

Stock Model# Description Sell
GGPSW5905-B 3412 6061 Allison Transmission and Cat Flywheel - low hrs POR
GGW5448A 6061 6061 Transmission POR
GGP5806-A Transmission POR
G06255 (3) Cat TH35 - E81A New automatic transmission from C15 Arr# 288-7894 S/N TNB00452 $20,000 USD
G06230-1 G06230-2 (2) Gear Boxes (2) Right angle gear boxes (Precharge Pump Drive) POR
G06331 Gear Box Tri Service 2:1 Right Angle HP 600@0, S/N 3AZ-576 POR
G05844 Pump Box Funk Hydraulic Pump Box (New take off) From C13 $3,500
G05989 Dial 16" Clutch Low Torque POR
G05541-H Dual 16" Clutch Low Hours POR
G05932 Clutch 16" High Torque - low hours, used POR
G05486 24" CB500 Clutch - High Torque POR
G05594/5 (2) Clutches and Unused Gear Boxes Pacific Rim 1:1 Ratio Clutch And Unused Gear Box (50 Series) POR
G06080A Sheave 44 1/2" Pump Drive Sheave POR
G01687 Twin Disc 14" PTO $1,000
G01449 Twin Disc Twin Disc PTO Clutch $2,000
G01626A Twin Disc PTO Clutch $3,000
G06363-A Cotta Box Cotta Box POR
G06363-B Cotta Box S/N 45997-1 MOdel G01700E-4 POR
GGPSW 5896-A, B (2) Torques (2) National Torques POR